Of course not everything on the farm is all peachy all the time.  Unfortunately these apricot seedlings turned out to be DOA (dead on arrival).  I wish I would have known that before I wasted an afternoon and planted them all out. 

As far as the lesson goes, always make sure you source your plant material from a reputable nursery.  These were purchased from a well known mail order nursery and were warrantied for a year.  I was definitely bummed they didn't make it, but I did get credit for the trees that didn't make it.  I received a bunch of other plants on that same order from the same nursery and they are growing great. 

So always go with a reputable nursery that way if there is a issue with some of your plants you have some recourse.  It's always sad when trees you plant don't make it but at least this time I figured it out right away so I can still get replacements in the ground this year. 
After a long winter its finally time to move the chickens.  Things have greened up a little bit but you can really tell where the chickens spent the majority of their time this winter.  After I move them I will be sure to plant some cover crops and get this winter pasture area restored. 
Trying to figure out the whole website thing.  We will be sure to have plenty of information posted as soon my wife shows me how to navigate thru everything.