Here in the northeast most people think that spring is planting season.  I disagree completely.  Fall is actually a better time to plant trees and shrubs than spring. 

As long as you can source quality trees and plants, fall planted trees will do better than spring planted trees everything.  Despite what it looks like to the naked eye, trees are growing in the fall and winter.  Yes no leaves or branches are growing but those same trees are working hard growing their root structure. 

A fall planted tree will be ready to hit the ground running come spring time.  While a spring planted tree will still be recovering from transplant shock.  Yes it is hard to source qunaitity plant material in the late fall but if you can I would recommend you do it.  I have seen the advantages over and over again throughout the years. 

Check back soon for ways to find inexpensive tree sources!

Next spring we will be adding a few pigs to the farm.  In anticpication for this I told a pig class a few weeks ago. 

I learned a ton about all aspects of raising pigs on pasture.  I plan on spending a few days at my friends farm this fall to gain a little bit more advice and knowledge.  Hopefully this will get me started off in the right direction come next spring when we bring in our first batch of feeders. 

Below you will see pictures of some simple but very important equipment you will probably need to make taking care of your pigs a little easier.

More to come regarding pigs as we plan and prepare this winter.  If you have any pig questions email or leave comments in the notes.  I will be sure to run them by experienced pig farming buddy. 

If you are reading this it is fair to say you probably love trees.  You probably also know how expensive it is to buy all the great trees that you want to plant at your local nursery or mail order nursery.  Luckily for us there are several ways to save money on your next tree planting.  Follow these easy steps and you will be sure to save hundreds on your next tree planting!   

Step number one, buy in bulk!  Many online tree nurseries will give substantial discounts for trees purchased in bulk.  An apple tree might cost you $30 or more but when you go to buy 5 or 10 they can drop our price point significantly to $20 or I've gotten some as low as $10.  Depending on the retailer you might even get better pricing.  These bulk discounts usually only apply to the same variety tree meaning you will likely have to buy 10 of those Gala apple trees to get that discount.      

Step number two is to visit your state's nursery.  If your wallet isn't ready to buy your trees in bulk you can always check out your state's nursery.  Chances are you have an in state or nearby state run nursery that grows seedling stock to sell to local landowners.  They will often sell native trees that fall into a few catorgies: aesthetics, forest products, soil protection, watershed protection,  wildlife habitat, and  windbreaks.


Great deals can be had if you know where and when to look.  As far as the state nurseries go you can usually get the best availabitiy in the late fall or early spring.  I have found trees like American Persimmon, Paw Paw, walnut, oak and black locust for as cheap as 100 seedlings for $40.00.  Check your local state nursery and sale on mass plantings today!

Your third option is to plant your trees from seeds The next easy way to get cheap trees is to save seeds or buy seeds.  Growing trees from seed can be a great way to grow large quantities of trees in a very inexpensive way.  Just think, every time you eat an apple save the seed, stratify it in your fridge for the winter and plant it out come spring.  Find a local acorn or walnut tree.  Gather all the nuts you can find and plant them out.  Yes it is a bit more complicated than that but how do you think most trees reproduce in nature?  A seed is usually eaten, stored or forgotten, and buried and it sprouts and replicates.      

Finally using cuttings for your tree propagation can be very inexpensive.  Some plants and trees grow great from cuttings.  This is a cheap and easy way as long as you have tree stock available to take cuttings from.  Cuttings can be as simple as taking your summer or winter prunings from existing trees, adding some rooting horome, and planting them out.  What works best depends on what plant you are taking cuttings from but a lot of trees and plants can be rooted using cuttings.   

If you want to expand your plantings going forward try one or all of these methods and you will find yourself swimming in trees in no time.  Please feel free to post any comments and suggestions for any cheap tree sources you might know of.