Thanks to this years unseasonably warm December I have continued to get stuff done around the farm.  In additional to straightening my fences, this past weekend I was blessed to be in the right place at the right time. 

I had the good fortune of meeting someone who was giving away some 20 blueberry bushes.  Turns out they were selling their land and giving away an existing blueberry patch.  The plants are 2-3 years old and most nearly 2 feet tall.  Some are in better shape than others but they were free so you won't see me complaining one bit.  

I dug up the plants, transported them back to the farm, and planted them in their new location all in one afternoon.  After a light watering and some mulch they will be ready for the winter that is sure to come sooner or later. 

Because of the transplanting I don't expect these plants to be very productive this coming season.  It usually takes a season to get a decent fruit crop after any significant transplanting.  As a result I will be pruning them heavily and using the prunings to propagate hardwood cuttings.  I hope to get them pruned and cuttings planted this coming weekend.  

With any luck I will have a new batch of rooted blueberry plants this spring! What plants have you tried to propagate using hardwood cuttings? I would love for you to share any experiences and feedback with us.