December is here and before it gets too cold and everything becomes snow covered.  It’s time to clean up all those bits and pieces laying around the farm that got left out, blown over, or just plain forgotten.

Item number one on my list is straightening up my fence posts.  Years ago my posts and fence went in in a hurry.  It was rushed because I planted my first trees and shrubs in my nursery area before any of my fence infrastructure was up.  Very soon my local deer and ground hog population found my newly planted future orchard. 

It was soon after that first deer sighting that I threw up whatever I had laying around.  Cedar trees were used as fence posts and 4 foot vinyl fence was doubled up to make an 8 foot deer barrier.  Doing this in an afternoon I knew that mistakes were made and I would soon be replacing the fence.  This was okay however because I knew I would be quickly outgrowing my small nursery area. 

Well this fall I finally got around to taking down the old 4 foot vinyl fencing and pulling out the posts.  I got out my trusty post hole digger and went to work with my shale bar.  Digging 3 foot deep post holes is real work but it should stand up better than those 1 ½ foot holes I dug years ago.     

The lesson I take away from this is that it always pays to plan.  Doing things according to plan those many years ago I would I built the proper fence then and saved the hassle of having to do it over again. 

Another lesson learned is that when it comes to farming getting something a little bit bigger than what you think you need is usually a safe bet.  That small greenhouse is fine when you are starting out but when your operation expands you might end up kicking yourself for not planning ahead. 

What are you cleaning up in your garden or farm this fall and winter?  We would love to hear from you.  Leave a message in the comments or send us an email.