Next spring we will be adding a few pigs to the farm.  In anticpication for this I told a pig class a few weeks ago. 

I learned a ton about all aspects of raising pigs on pasture.  I plan on spending a few days at my friends farm this fall to gain a little bit more advice and knowledge.  Hopefully this will get me started off in the right direction come next spring when we bring in our first batch of feeders. 

Below you will see pictures of some simple but very important equipment you will probably need to make taking care of your pigs a little easier.

More to come regarding pigs as we plan and prepare this winter.  If you have any pig questions email or leave comments in the notes.  I will be sure to run them by experienced pig farming buddy. 

After a long winter its finally time to move the chickens.  Things have greened up a little bit but you can really tell where the chickens spent the majority of their time this winter.  After I move them I will be sure to plant some cover crops and get this winter pasture area restored.