Don't waste your time planting from seed.  We have all heard it before, that planting a seed is a 1 in a million shot at producing a good quality fruit.  Weather you believe this or not (I tend to think there are two sides to the seed planting story), the Antonovka Apple bucks this completely. 

Antonovka Apple seeds grow true to type.  Meaning you plant an Antonovka Apple seed, you get a tree that produces Antonovka Apples!  

I currently have Antonovka seeds for sale.  Antonovka trees are full sized trees reaching 15-20 feet.  They are native to Eastern Europe and grow well in USDA zones 4-9.  Antonovka is used for cider, dessert, cooking, and fresh eating.  The fruit ripens late and will store for some time.      

Contact me with you have any interest in planting some out this spring. hunthomesteadfarm at gmail.com  They are currently being stratified and will be ready for spring germination! 

Tree Seeds are now available for sale in the below varieties:

Japanese Red Maple: Bloodgood variety, showy ornamental/landscaping tree, leaves stay red most of the year

Paw Paw: improved variety, tree yields delicious custard/banana flavored fruit, North America's largest native fruit
Honey Locust: (unimproved) Edible seed pods, nitrogen fixing, makes dense hedge row/living fence, this variety does have spines, makes great perimeter fence/livestock barrier
Mazzard Cherry: Edible cherry, very limited pest pressure, improved breeding stock
Antonovka Apple: Cold Hardy, great tasting apple used for fresh easting and baking, Seed planted trees grows true to type unlike other apple varieties, full size heirloom apple tree mainstay in eastern Europe 
American Elderberry: Improved variety, berries can be made into natural cough syrup, used in homemade wine, and edible flowers 
Red Oak: Grown from improved stock, 80% bear within 3-5 years, great for livestock (pig) feed
Black Walnut: Improved native variety, chosen for large nut meat, shell is more difficult to crack than English walnut but well worth the trouble

Seeds come ready for cold stratification this winter.  Above varieties are great for starting our own personal orchard and/or a great learning experience for your family.

Additional seeds to become available shortly, be sure to check back weekly.

Be sure to check back next fall when American Chestnut and Chinese Chestnut become available.