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When I was a kid I always enjoyed hunting for Easter Eggs.  Although I enjoyed it, I always seemed to have the fewest eggs in my basket, thanks to my competitive older siblings!  Little did I know that years later I would be participating in these egg hunts again.  This time it’s not as much fun and to be honest it’s a little aggravating.  It appears that about half my flock has decided to start laying their eggs anywhere they please.

If we go back in time just after the first chicken egg was laid, wait was it the chicken or the egg?  Either way, the chicken, before becoming the domesticated bird we know today, was a wild jungle bird more akin to the ptarmigan or grouse.  I know it’s hard to believe but these birds would live or die on their own awareness and elusiveness.

So back to today, I let my birds free range within an electric net fence.  As Joel Salatin says about the pigness of the pig, well I want my chickens to have that same chickenness (if that makes sense).  When preparing the area that my flock will be rotated to I look for a couple things.  Tree cover is paramount, this helps them avoid the birds of prey we have in the area while also providing them with shade.  If shade is satisfied I then look for edibles the birds can forage on.  These edibles will help supplement any feed that you provide your birds with, these are generally more nutritious than most bagged feed and way cheaper too!

Next is that wild jungle bird idea.  Once the flock is rotated off a pasture I will broadcast seed over these areas kind of like a cover crop/pasture improvement seeding.  If my timing is right I will bring my flock back to these spots and they will be full of tall grasses, legumes, clovers, and sunflowers.  To the untrained eye you could walk by and look into the chicken paddock and not see a single bird.

Of course my problem now is that they are starting to lay there eggs in this jungle paradise their ancestors used to call home.  Reframed like that I guess it’s a good problem to have.  At least I know that come Easter my kids are going to be finely tuned egg spotting machines!


08/06/2016 10:14pm

This is really true story because once i go to forest for hunting the sparrow but in the deep plant, i found some eggs of the hen that is big source of joy for me. I thanks to you for post with us that is good for reading your story and amazing trick for the hunts. I able to read all the content and understand it easily because the topic is all about for me.

02/17/2017 9:12am

It's nearly impossible to find well-informed people for this subject, but you sound like you know what you're talking about! Thanks


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