PictureCool season greens make great salads
As summer progresses parents think about sending their kids back to school and gardeners think about the end of their bountiful summer garden. 

It might surprise novice and veteran gardeners alike that the fall garden season can produce hefty yields just like your summer garden.  While the produce may change from tomatoes to leafy greens we can still grow fresh veggies deep into football season. 

We will be having this years Fall Gardening Class on Saturday September 5 from 10:00-12:00. 

Topics for this years class include:

When to plant your fall garden

How to plan your garden space to include fall plantings

What to plant, what not to plant

Do I need a greenhouse

What do I need to do differently in my fall garden

It's too late to plant, what can I do

If you are new to fall gardening or new to gardening in general come by for this fun and informative class.  Cost for this years class is $10 per person.  As usual everyone will be going home with a few potted plants to get their fall garden off to a good start.    

Email dave at hunthomesteadfarm.com to RSVP so I have a rough estimate on how many people to expect.  If you have any other topics you want to include in the class email or add them to the comments



08/21/2015 11:46am

count me and the wife in! thanks ted


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07/19/2017 5:08am

It's hard for me to plan such things when is comes to gardening! That is something I'm not good with.

08/16/2017 4:55am

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09/07/2017 8:29am

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09/15/2017 9:51am

Very good lesson. It gives inspiration to keep learning.


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