PictureTransplanting my seed grown Paw Paw's.
Paw Paw's are the Northeast's version of a tropical fruit tree.  Often called a custard apple the Paw Paw tree is native to eastern North America.  Despite being a native tree to the region not many people have heard of the Paw Paw tree.  Even fewer people have ever seen a paw paw tree or better yet tasted the sweet fruit it yields. 

To get the word out on Paw Paw's I decided two things were necessary.  First, I need to grow hundreds of paw paws trees and spread them across the region.  Being a farmer it goes without saying I need to be budget conscience in every farm enterprise I take on.  So the best way to grow paw paws on a budget is to grow them from seed.   

Secondly I will write a series of blog posts featuring the paw paw and all its glory.  Along the way I will be sure to feature photos of my progress and hopefully the successful transformation of my paw paw seeds into trees!

Be on the look out for upcoming Paw Paw Project posts in the near future!  



08/18/2015 11:25pm

I'm really looking forward to this series. I can say that I am in the group who has NEVER heard of this tree! It sounds wonderful. I may have to get some saplings from you for my backyard food forest! Hopefully they would do well in North Central Ohio?

08/19/2015 2:36pm

Hi Jonathan, Well you are in for a treat with my upcoming Paw Paw series. Paw Paw's should do great in Ohio where you are located, their native range stretches all the way north into Canada.
As the paw paw project series progresses be sure to ask any questions you might have. Thanks!

01/05/2017 8:37am

The custard apple nothing but paw paw is very much like by the people around the world.Its one of the most healthiest fruit. I hope our projects work goes smoothly and you get a good result for it.


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