Here in the northeast most people think that spring is planting season.  I disagree completely.  Fall is actually a better time to plant trees and shrubs than spring. 

As long as you can source quality trees and plants, fall planted trees will do better than spring planted trees everything.  Despite what it looks like to the naked eye, trees are growing in the fall and winter.  Yes no leaves or branches are growing but those same trees are working hard growing their root structure. 

A fall planted tree will be ready to hit the ground running come spring time.  While a spring planted tree will still be recovering from transplant shock.  Yes it is hard to source qunaitity plant material in the late fall but if you can I would recommend you do it.  I have seen the advantages over and over again throughout the years. 

Check back soon for ways to find inexpensive tree sources!



09/03/2016 6:50am

Agriculture is the field of understand all planting and growing system with suitable season. I am a farmer and mostly i research this type of site, which give me outdoor planting systems. I grow fruit and nut trees that is good to understand these such advice. Thanks a lot for providing this an authentic information.

11/10/2016 11:30pm

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It's an interesting opinion. I think I should try to plant some trees next Fall.


I'm planting only at spring or summer. Fall is not good for that)

09/02/2017 7:32am

It's so cool that time passes but you still see the advantages! It means that it is really great!


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