Day 3 of Edible November brings us to the Almond tree.  The almond is closely related to Day 2 edible which was the peach. 

Much like the peach the almond tree thrives in zones 5-9.  Almond trees even grow a somewhat edible outer "husk" just like the peach.  Although the prize of the almond tree is the almond itself and not the outer husk. 

Again the bloom of the almond tree is quite remarkable and will be mistaken for an ornamental.  During full bloom bees will be buzzing all around your almond and peach trees.  If you are or know a beekeeper or bee enthusiast then you will want to grow an Almond tree in your backyard.

While certainly not as sweet and juicy as its relative the peach the almond is just as useful and delicious.  Almonds store longer and can be added to baked goods or eaten raw out of hand.  Almonds will ripen in early fall and can be stored and eaten all winter long.



07/22/2016 11:39am

Wow, the almonds really are a choice of the winters and I will get plant a tree in my backyard. I will need to get an essay writer first as I have an assignment due in a few days.


This is such a good read for me because two of my favorite things are in this post and that is: the month November and almonds! I never knew that almonds are harvested during November. I love eating almonds together with chocolate. I haven't got the chance to eat almonds alone yet because they are so expensive so I would always have to buy chocolates with almonds in them because it is way cheaper and it tastes much better. If you're wondering why November is my favorite month, that's because I celebrate my birthday during November and it's also a month away from December where I finally get to celebrate my favorite holiday of all time: Christmas!

09/07/2016 1:28am

Whenever I eat chocolates, I would prefer to buy chocolates that has almonds. Other than it has a crispy taste on the sweet-melting chocolate, it contains Vitamin E, that is anti-oxidant and Vitamin B2 that helps for digestion to keep the energy flowing through-out the body. Since November is nearby, I plan on growing almonds on the other side of our lot since the village officials made use of it for planting.

06/26/2017 9:46pm

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