Day 9 of Edible November brings us to the Apricot tree.  Apricot's like many of our other edibles can double as a ornamental landscape tree.  Reaching 20-30 feet at maturity apricots might be the envy of your neighborhood.  Their abundant spring flowers will attract pollinators for miles.  

If you live in a region that gets late frosts be sure to plant late blooming varieties or plant your trees on the north side of your property.  This way your trees wont flower too early and risk being lost with late frosts. 

Apricots ripen from July to the end of August.  Picked straight off the tree ripe apricots don't have a long shelf life but they sure are delicious eaten under the shade of the very same tree.  A great way to preserve the harvest is to dry your apricots ensuring you will be enjoying apricots well into the following growing season. 



11/10/2016 7:24am

Apricots are those wonderfully orange hued organic products loaded with beta-carotene and fiber that are one of the primary indications of summer. Albeit dried and canned apricots are accessible year-round, crisp apricots with a copious supply of vitamin C and are in season in North America from May through August. Any crisp natural product you see amid the winter months have been transported in from either South America or New Zealand.

12/28/2016 3:25pm

Apricot is many benefit for our health and skin. It is too much better for diabetic patients. Apricot is seasonal fruit and we can also use for skin disease because it control the aging system.

04/01/2017 4:51am

I'm always waiting for August so much! It's a perfect time for so many fruits! And apricots too ;)

07/01/2017 6:22am

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