Switching gears to veggies in the Edible November series: Asparagus.

Asparagus is an edible that is widely missing in most gardens.  Hopefully this series gets more of these tasty spears planted into your garden this fall.  

Asparagus is commonly grown from crowns in the spring, however you can plant seeds this fall and get your asparagus plot started.  Yes seeds do take longer to get your first harvest but this is Edible November not Edible April. 

Asparagus grown from seeds will take about 3 years to start producing.  Planting from crowns in the spring will usually yield edible spears in 1-2 years.  If planting crowns plant them 4-6 inches dig in a row 12-18 between plants.  Asparagus is usually planted in rows and does best in full sun, rows should be 4-5 feet apart.  It grows in USDA hardiness zones 3-8 meaning it will grow in much of the country. 

As with every perennial make sure you plant them in their permanent place in your garden.  Asparagus plants will usually last 15-20 years. 



06/25/2016 2:24am

Suitable place for planting is very important so we should try to think about the place before planting there. We know that every plant doesn't grow in every land so this point of growing also should be in mind.

09/05/2016 12:35am

Asparagus contains lots of nutrients good for people who wanted to start switching a lifestyle to have a balance diet, like me, since I'm not a morning person, I'd prefer to lessen my food intake than get myself all sweaty, and I'm not allowed to get so tired since I have a heart disease. But trying to plant asparagus is hard but worth the wait.

03/01/2017 7:37am

I think I have seen Asparagus before. I've seen it in my grandmother's garden last year. She loves plants and flowers, you see. Anyway, I never though that this plant is a very interesting one. I think I will ask my grandmother more about this plant. Thank you for sharing the facts. I bet you love plants too.

10/10/2016 1:22pm

I should plant Asparagus too. I am very interested after this post.

12/20/2016 7:26am

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08/25/2017 8:37am

Asparagus is the only thing that I like to eat in routine which has been the best thing to eat as a part of healthy diet. I always like to give awareness about eating Asparagus in routine.


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