Edible November rattles along with one of my favorites, the Cherry. 

While I do have several cherry trees planted I have yet to get any cherries from them just yet.  As with most edibles one must be in it for the long haul.  Cherry trees are no exception to this.  I have 3 year old trees and have yet to get one cherry out of 3 healthy trees. 

Cherries are broken down into 2 camps: sweet which are great for fresh eating and tart/sour which are more for baking and pies.  I am growing sweet cherries and of course they are harder to grow that tart but the benefits that you will get hard outweight a little extra work. 

Sweet cherries are suitable for zones 5-7 and prefer mild, dry summers, which isn't exactly the typical northeast climate.  If you are having trouble growing cherries a great alternative is the bush cherry as it can handle harsh, cold winters.  Look for more on the bush cherry in the coming days!



07/27/2016 4:50am

Wild cherry is thought to be the most decorative of our local broadleaf forest trees. ... Intriguing actuality: in spite of the fact that the seeds are dispersed by well evolved creatures and winged animals, cherry trees can likewise engender themselves by root suckers.

10/26/2016 8:47am

I love cherries. I always get excited when November comes because I know its cherry season. I've tried to grow cherry trees before but it wasn't a success. What you said about bush cherries gave me an idea. I might try my hand in growing it one day.

08/02/2017 3:23am

I love eating cherries! They are my favorite fruit next to apples. I remember back in high school when we played a game using cherries. Someone told us that one can determine if someone is a good kisser if he or she can tie into a knot the small trunk of the cherry. It was so hard because you have to eat the whole cherry and be able to knot its trunk using your tongue and mouth only. I wasn't able to do it, but it sure was a fun game! I like to also put cherries on my chocolate milkshake because its taste perfectly blends with the chocolate flavor.

08/10/2016 8:40am

Cherry is really beneficial and delicious fruit and i really like to enjoy it but fresh. Because fresh cherry have very nice taste but it grow in just cold places like hill stations so people who live in hot places can't enjoy fresh cherry easily.

02/20/2017 6:50am

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