Hardy Kiwi is the next plant up in our Edible November series.  I know what you’re thinking, “Kiwi will never survive my snowy winters”.  Yes you are right, but Hardy Kiwi will!  The Hardy Kiwi is more like a vine than a tree or shrub.  They produce tasty grape to small egg size fruits.  Like their name states, they are very hardy growing vigorously from Canada to Florida.   

To get fruit from Hardy Kiwi you need both male and female plants.  A 1 male to up to 6 female ratio will work for backyard plantings.  Ripening in late summer, kids love eating fresh Hardy Kiwis straight from the vine.  They will often take 2-3 years to bear fruit but once they do you will get massive amounts!  Mature Hardy Kiwi plants regularly yield 50 and sometimes up to 100 pounds of fruit and when picked before fully ripened can be stored for nearly 2 months.  Picked fully ripe Hardy Kiwis are a great snack fresh, skin and all.

Hardy Kiwis are also high in Vitamin C, over 5 times higher than oranges.  Because of their rapid growth they do require biannual pruning and usually a sturdy trellis/support system.  Given the opportunity Hardy Kiwi will climb up a tree or side of a house.  Left unmanaged it will most likely kill your tree and damage your house.  A simple staking system with a 4X4 post, heavy spring and fall pruning will do the trick.  People that complain about an out of control hardy kiwi often planted them in the wrong spot or have failed to prune them twice a year. 

Like most homegrown fruit picking Hardy Kiwis make a great adventure for the whole family.



12/05/2016 12:16pm


06/09/2017 12:07am

Hardy Kiwi is mostly seen in Korea, Japan, Russia and China. There are a lot of benefits from eating this fruit. It prevents the emergence of hypertension and blood clots. Also, it helps us to sleep easier because its serotonin and antioxidants actually treats sleep disorder. While it is beneficial for our body, it has also a good taste, especially when it is topped with yogurt.

12/06/2016 7:40pm

I missed eating freshly picked kiwi. It is more delicious if it is fresh from the tree. I don't usually eat kiwi before because I have eaten an overripe kiwi form supermarkets before and I don't really like it. I didn't eat kiwi for so long because of that incident. After sometime, we visited a kiwi farm and we ate freshly picked kiwi and it makes me want for kiwi again.

03/22/2017 4:45am

I will try will it survive or not the next winter ;) Will plant this soon!


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