Day 6 of Edible November brings to us the Medlar.  Contrary to the apple which most everyone can recognize, the Medlar isn’t seen in many backyards or orchards.  And people are missing out on big opportunity by not growing this delicious fruit tree. 

The Medlar has been grown since the Roman times and it has the rare distinction of producing great fruit well into the winter.  The Medlar is a small tree, it is almost shrub like so it can be put into small yards or spaces.  Medlars grow in much of the country thriving in USDA hardiness zones 5-9.  Medlar will often live 30-50 years with a little care.    

The Medlar fruit picked fresh from the tree is hard and acidic.  Be sure to pick your fruits after the first frost.  You don’t want to eat a fresh tree picked Medlar.  Medlar’s, much like a persimmon, needs to be bletted.  Blet is just a fancy word for sitting it on your counter for a few week where a Medlar becomes soft and delicious.  Once properly bletted a Medlar’s skin will turn soft and wrinkled.  Eaten fresh they taste a lot like cinnamon flavored applesauce, a kid pleaser for sure!  Medlars are also used in jellies and preserves.  Wine enthusiasts also enjoying making Medlar wine from extra fruit.

Planting a Medlar this fall you can expect to have your tree producing fruit in as little as 3-5 years.  Medlars are self pollination so you only need one tree to get fruit.  This makes it a great tree for tight places.  That being said I always like to plant a few trees of all my varieties that way if one happens to die I will still have Medlars for years to come.



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