Day 4 edible is the Mulberry Tree.  Mulberry trees might be the most useful edible that no one is growing. 

Most people think mulberries are bland and that mulberry trees are a nuisance.  To some extent both of these can be partially true.  Certain mulberry varieties are bland but the trick is to get tasty fresh eating cultivators.  If you are fortunate to have a "bland" mulberry tree on your property you are in luck.  By drying your mulberries and preserving your harvest you concentrate the flavor of the mulberry and it becomes an intense flavorful snack. 

Both leaves and fruit can be eaten.  The berries are a great source of vitamin C, K, fiber, and iron.  Mulberry leaves make a great protein source for livestock often being up to 20% protein, they also contain high amounts of fiber and other nutrients.  The entire Mulberry plant, leaves, fruit, and stems contain cancer fighting antioxidants.

Mulberry fruit is dark and can stain your car, your driveway, your clothes, and anything else that happens to be underneath their branches.  If you are considering planting a mulberry tree be sure to plant it in an out of the way location as to not anger your spouse or neighbors. 

If you have livestock mulberry leaves are high in protein (up to 20%) and can be given to your farm animals as fodder.  Mulberry is also a vigorous grower so it can be browsed by goats, cows or ducks and will eventually grow back just as strong. 



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Mulberry tree in need for more care and it is very beautiful tree. But we can not grow in our garden and this page has best opinion for garners. Flowers and trees is good for our health and i like the gardening.


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