Edible November takes us to a familiar tree that you might not believe is edible, the oak tree!  Native Americans sustained themselves on the acorns from Oak trees for hundreds of years.  These days acorns are thought to be just another thing to rake up with the leaves.  Let's change this and turn acorns back to the wonderful edible that they once were. 

Acorns have tannin in them that needs to be leached out of the nutmeat before us humans can eat them.  The leaching process is as simple as placing your netted acorns into water and leaving them until the tannins have been removed.  Historically this process was done in streams and rivers but you can do it in your sink or bathtub. 

Once leached the nutmeat of the acorns can be made into flour, ground into coffee, made into soups, the possibilities are endless.  If you have pigs acorns make a great pig finishing food. 

Oak trees and their accompanying acorn mast can be found most anywhere.  Bury a few acorns this fall and you will have tiny little oak trees sprouting up in no time.  Yes it does take years as much as 15-20 years for oak trees to yield a harvest.  Just consider it a gift for your future self!



08/13/2016 8:56am

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02/27/2017 4:38am

It's really surprising that the oak tree is edible. No one said that to me! Yes, I know that oak trees produce acorns or oak nuts but I don't really know that they are edible. Thanks for your informative post. I'll try to search recipes which include acorns. Keep blogging!

03/11/2017 12:06am

wow great post. Local Americans supported themselves on the oak seeds from Oak trees for many years. Nowadays oak seeds are thought to be simply one more thing to rake up with the takes off.

07/20/2017 1:07pm

Looks tasty. Is that what you eat when your cleaning all your guns?

08/15/2017 12:47am

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