PictureTransplanting a Paw Paw
Edible November brings us now to the Paw Paw.  In anticipation for my Paw Paw Project launching in the coming weeks I will not go into much detail here (I am told that's what's called a teaser in the TV business).

Important things to know about the paw paw are:

The Paw Paw is a native fruit to North America and much of the eastern coast going up into Canada.  It is also the largest tree fruit by size and weight grown outside the tropics.  It is called the custard banana because it has a tastes similar to banana flavored custard. 

If planting Paw Paw trees this fall make sure be sure to plant them in an area that gets full to partial sun.  2 Paw Paw trees will work great for cross pollination. 

We will get into more details as we explore the Paw Paw in-depth with the upcoming Paw Paw Project posts and videos. 

If you are currently growing or have any questions about Paw Paws I would love to here from you, email me or leave a comment in the comments section.



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08/19/2016 2:26pm

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07/13/2017 2:11am

Such fruit is very rarein my country. But I'd like to try it so much!

07/24/2017 6:13am

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08/16/2017 11:58am

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