Day number 2 of Edible November brings us another familiar fruit tree, the Peach Tree!  Peaches are another one of the those trees that my grandma insisted were grown in all her neighbors backyards.

Peach trees are another edible tree that will be mistaken for an ornamental when it full of blossoms each spring.  Peach trees can be grown in a large chuck of the United States growing best in USDA hardiness zones 5-8.  Grown on full size rootstock peach trees can live for about 20-30 years while smaller dwarf trees might only live for 12-15 years. 

Peaches can be eaten fresh, persevered and canned into slices, or made into delicious cobblers.  Most peach trees will need another variety tree for cross pollination so be sure to plant 2 or more trees.

Consider putting a few peach trees into backyard or homestead and it will provide you with years of healthy fruit that cant compare to anything found in the aisle of your grocery store.   



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