Edible November continues with the Pear. 

The Pear tree is another one of those ornamental landscape style trees, in fact the fruitless Bradford Pear is grown in my a front yard all throughout the country.  Why anyone who grow a fruitless pear tree is beyond me. 

Pear trees will produce fruit in much of the country, most thrive in zones 5-8 with some Asian Pear varieties expanding that zone a bit more.  Be sure to include at least 2 cultivars for best pollination and fruit yield. 

Pears can be eaten fresh off the tree, stored for some time, or made into Perry (the pear version of hard cider).  When deciding which pears to plant you will notice 2 distinct options, a European versus a Asian pear.  They have great differences in fruit shape and both can taste delicious.  If you are anything like me you will plant of few cultivars of each style! 



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07/30/2017 11:07am

I didn't know that pears could be eaten fresh from the tree! My grandmother has a pear tree in her backyard and I never bothered to pick some of the pears out of the tree because I thought you still had to wait for a few days before you can eat it. In addition to that, I didn't know that pears mostly grow during November. November happens to be my favorite month since it's my birth month and it's a month away from Christmas!

03/04/2017 6:06am

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I will consider that, actually. I guess it's a good idea to plant some of them in my garden.

09/17/2017 5:51am

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