Edible Novermber Day 7 introduces us to the Seaberry.  Another uncommon fruit that you are missing out on is the Seaberry or Sea Buckthorn.  The Seaberry is a great medicinal fruit, it is high in vitamins and omega fatty acids.  Before we go too far, here is your disclaimer, it does have a large amount of spikes or thorns.  So no you don’t want your kids playing unsupervised in the seaberry patch!

Seaberries grow in much of the country spanning USDA hardiness zones 2-8.  They are very cold hardy being grown in Siberia for centuries.  They will bear fruit in 2-3 years and have little maintenance needs and no need for pruning.  They are also deer resistant.  Seaberry provides a great bird habitat for nests but they don’t seem to eat the berries.  Seaberries are a nitrogen fixing shrub which means they mine nitrogen from the subsoil and the air.  This cancels any need for fertilizer as it supplies its own.  It also means plants and trees around it will also benefit from the nitrogen it harvests.  Planting a few seaberries in between your other fruit trees will be bring a benefit to them all. 

Seaberry shrubs produce bright orange berries in late summer and fall.  The edible Seaberry is high in antioxidants, vitamins A, C, and E.  Squeezed they can be made into juice (make sure to add sweetener) or tinctures.  The seaberry leaves have been used for tea making for centuries, seaberry oil is great for the skin, there are many more uses for Seaberries. 

Planting a few Seaberry plants will have you harvesting healthy berries and leaves for years.



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