Edible November brings us to one of the first fruits of the spring, the Strawberry!

Almost everyone knows and loves the strawberry but not everyone grows them.  And I want to change this.  Strawberries are easy to grow and provide a most delicious fruit early in the summer. 

Here in the northeast region of the US our strawberries ripen as early as the first or second week of June!  As we have talked about in earlier Edible November posts picking strawberries with your kids and family is one of my most enjoyable events.  The strawberry is the earliest ripening fruit that I grow so it is always a joy to get out there in early June with my family and stain our hands strawberry red. 

Strawberries grow great in raised beds and spread via runners.  This means your strawberry patch can be constantly expanding.  Strawberries will fruit a little bit in the first year but will do best in years 2-4.  Plant your strawberry bed this fall mulch them heavily and you will be enjoying picking strawberries this spring.   



11/10/2016 9:34pm

Attempt to plant strawberries on an overcast day or amid the late evening. Set the strawberry plant in the dirt so that the dirt is simply covering the highest points of the roots. Try not to cover the crown. Following four or five weeks, the plants will create runners and new girl plants.


Strawberry is my best fruit and it is good for make blood. Diabetic patients can also eat because it has little sugar. We can use it from different ways,like juice and custard. It also good for our skin and body.

10/07/2017 4:37pm

I like to eat them at summer so much! I love June only for them!


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