Sunchokes or Jerusalem Artichokes are next up on our Edible November list.  They are another perennial that most people don't know about.  Sunchokes are an edible tuber and a flower similar to the sunflower, they grow in much of the country and can be used similarly to potatoes.

A few warnings about sunchokes or Jerusalem artichokes: they are commonly known by some people as "fartichokes" and they are vigorous growers.  First the inulin affects some who eat large quantities thus the name fartichokes.  Pickling them with vinegar takes this problem away.

Sunchokes are a vigorous grower and can spread rapidly.  A few sunchoke tubers left to overwinter can turn into a large patch in no time.  They are also a wonderful livestock food, chickens and pigs both enjoy sunchokes with no fartichoke effects.



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