Fall is nearly gone, winter, and spring will be here before we know it.  This year spring will bring a new animal to our farm: pigs!  I am excited and nervous to take on this new enterprise.  Although we are just bringing in a few feeder pigs to start I have been trying to prepare for them the best I can.  

I recently went to a seminar regarding pig nutrition.  It was very informative and I gained a lot of knowledge that will surely help me in the 2016 season with my pigs.  As most of you know we are a pasture based farm and this will be true for the pigs we will raise as well.  While pigs aren't ruminants like cows and sheep, they can gain quite a bit of their nutrition from a quality pasture. 

To provide the pigs with the best possible diet and nutrition I will be growing certain crops specially for them.  While I will still be buying in feed from a local Non GMO row crop farmer I will be growing a great deal of my own pigs food.  Tree crops and perennials that we were planted years ago will provide some nutrition: apples, pears, Siberian pea shrub, sunchokes, mulberry, and acorns will help supplement the pigs standard ration.  Annuals like mangles, rape, sunflowers, pumpkins, and other legumes will also aid in fatting up the pigs.     

Next up for our pig enterprise is to find a farmer to source feeder pigs.  we will do this while also deciding on which breed or cross of breeds to raise.  Keep an eye out for more pig posts coming later this winter!

And if you have any suggestions on pig pasture plantings or pig breeds feel free to email or leave a message in the comments sections! 



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I love pigs.. they are very nice animals, aren't they? Look at his ears))

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